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Kyte Baby

Sleep Bag In Wisteria 1.0 TOG

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Kyte Baby is the best-selling wearable bamboo sleep bag in an all season 1.0 TOG (Thermal Overall Grade) weight. A wearable blanket that helps baby fall asleep (and stay asleep), so you’re not up all night. Designed to be safe sleep, diaper change friendly, temperature-regulating, and so buttery soft you’ll have to touch it to believe it. This sleep sack will keep your baby at a comfortable temperature all night long.  Pairs nicely with the Oat Zippered Footie.

TOG is a rating system that measures warmth and calculates how quickly a fabric uses heat. It is the standard when choosing the appropriate sleeping bag for your baby, depending on the ambient temperature in your nursery. We recommend a heavier TOG during cooler months and a lighter one during warmer months.

Sleep Bag Sizes are based on the weight and size of your infant. Kyte's sleep bags are made longer to give your infant lots of room to kick and grow. When deciding on the right fit for your child we recommend ensuring the neck and arm holes are snuggly fit to baby.

Fabric & Details

  • Color:  Oat
  • Exterior: 97% Bamboo Rayon; 3% Spandex
  • Filling: 100% Polyester
  • Highly breathable
  • J-shaped double zipper
  • 1.0 TOG: 21 - 23 °C / 69 - 73 °F

To maintain the quality and feel of your bamboo clothing we recommend the following wash instructions:

  • Cold water; gentle cycle (turn off agitator if that is an option)
  • With like fabrics (bamboo only)
  • Sleep bags should NOT be washed inside out, but should be zipped up completely to protect the inner quilting
  • Kyte Baby does not recommend using the dryer. We recommend hanging or laying flat to dry. Open your sleep bags completely and point a fan towards them to help drying time indoors.
  • When washing any of your baby’s clothes, think less is more. We recommend avoiding care products that contain harsh chemicals, additives, optical brighteners, and bleach.